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We want to give the opportunity of hearing live classical music to people who wouldn’t normally come to a concert.  This may be people

-    without financial means
-    with home responsibilities making it hard to go out 
-    unable to leave their home for other reasons
-    limited due to physical or mental health 
-    who feel a social stigma of going to classical music concert

When buying a ticket we give the option to contribute to making this happen by buying an extra ticket for someone else. The cost of one ticket will enable someone to experience one or our concerts who wouldn’t otherwise. 50 extra tickets would enable a dedicated concert or workshop.

If you would like to apply for these tickets, either for yourself or to suggest a recipient person or organistion, please contact us here in the strictest confidence.


Your details will be kept securely and used solely for the purposes of contacting you about Sollar Music activities.

Thank you for getting in touch.

Community Tickets Contact

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