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What is Sollar Music?

Sollar Music is a chamber music concert series curated by musician Vanessa McNaught. Concerts bring together some of Oxfordshire and the UK's finest musicians, to share the joy of chamber music.

"Sollar Music has come to being during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. I found the combination of missing being able to play music with others, and an increased sense of community led me to want to create music not only for experienced concert-goers but also for those who might not normally have the opportunity or the means to experience a concert. On talking with fellow musicians I found we shared this feeling, so combined our ideas to bring this together. 


The main aspect of music I was missing during the Coronovirus lockdown was the feeling of shared sound. As a viola player, usually positioned in the middle of an ensemble, there is a feeling of being right in the heart of the vibrations of the ensemble. The effect of the vibrations, as much on the whole body as the ear-drums, feels to me to be a part of the essential and health-giving property of music. Musical experiences online were far from giving the same effect, and made me want to grasp this effect of live music more. I hope Sollar Music will bring some of this sense and effect of “good vibrations” to others too. 

As with the natural world, music, and so many other things, we hope not to be static but to grow and develop, and may become something we didn’t expect. Please contribute your thoughts and suggestions to contribute to our continued development. 

I hope the music we bring will be rewarding for all who participate in Sollar Music."

Vanessa McNaught

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